Manual is an online repository of safety training history for construction professionals. It allows companies to organize the training history of its employees and keep records of current and former employees. Training information of employees is portable between companies, which reduces unnecessary repetition of training.
The system also provides access to training records for customers.

1. Employees

At the heart of the system is a database of employees. This includes also users who log into this system and use its resources.

Employees can be divided in the following use cases:

  • Employee with Company Association
    An employee record contains the following data:
    • Name
    • Social Security Number (optional)
    • email (optional)
    • Job Title
    • Information about completed Security Trainings
    Name, Job Title, and Security Training information can be made available to customers of the company. An employee can log in to the system to review his information or to join or leave companies. An employee can be set as inaccessible from outside the company.
  • Employee without Company Association
    An Employee without company association represents an employee "between jobs". All training and other information is kept when an employee leaves a company. All training information up to the termination date of the employee remains accessible to the company for its records. An employee can request to join another company though the system to transfer the records to the new company.
  • Company Administrator
    A company administrator is an employee who has additional permissions to do the following actions that ordinary employees cannot do:
    • View all employees and trainings of the company
    • View employees and trainings of other companies that grant access to this company
    • Add new employees and change data of existing ones
    • Add new trainings and change existing ones
    • Accept or reject requests from employees to join the company
    • Accept or reject requests from customer companies to view training records
    • Promote employees to trainer status
    • Administer account status for this company and its trainers
  • Trainer
    A trainer is an employee of a company who can be listed as a trainer in safety trainings of other employees. A trainer can have trainings himself and can also be a company administrator. Trainers should always have a company association; if they are self-employed, they should have a company in that represents their business.

2. Companies

Besides employees, keeps records of companies they are associated with. A company can be any kind of association, such as a general contractor, a subcontractor, a customer company, a self-employed trainer and many others. There are two principal types of companies available in this system:

A customer company keeps no employee or training records except for one company administrator. It is not listed in the "Member Companies" list visible to all companies. A customer company can view training records of other companies. Typical customer companies are owners requesting services from construction companies, government agencies and others. Companies of self-employed trainers can also be listed as a customer companies, as they don't need multiple employees or provide access to others.

A member company can keep employee and training records and make them available to other companies. It is visible in the "Member Companies" list. It can also do everything that a customer company can do, for example view training records of other companies.

3. Messages and Inbox

For significant events and changes the system sends out messages and emails to company administrators and employees. Messages are displayed in the inbox of the user in the homepage when logging in. Based on email notification settings, these messages are also sent as emails. The following events produce messages:

  • An employee requests to join a company
  • The request to join a company has been accepted/rejected
  • An employee association has been terminated by the company/employee
  • A company requests access to view training records
  • The request to view training records has been accepted/rejected
  • A customer-member relationship has been terminated by the customer/member
  • A training will expire in 30 days / has expired
  • The member account subscription will expire in 30 days / has expired
  • A trainer account subscription will expire in 30 days / has expired
  • A customer-member relationship will expire in 30 days / has expired

4. Webpage Overview

The website provides access to all records kept in its database through a number of inter-linked pages making it possible to navigate through the information. The three main types of pages are:

  • Home page for the user logged into the system
  • List pages for employees, companies, trainings, trainers, and inbox messages
  • Detail pages for employees, companies, trainings, trainers, and inbox messages

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